Art by Lindsay Scott

Artist Lindsay Scott captures the essence of the awe inspiring vastness and beauty of the African continent and its majestic animals in detailed oil paintings and pencil drawings filled with emotion.

Lindsay grew up in the landlocked African nation of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and developed a deep and abiding passion for the natural world from a young age.

Her paintings and drawings portray her feelings about this wonderful landscape - beyond just how it looks - and include moods from action-packed excitement to magical and peaceful times, in which magnificent creatures go about their daily lives in the vast and fascinating arena that is Africa.

From a lioness overlooking a canyon, to bison testing their strength, to zebra wading in the shallows, Lindsay captures the essence of this awe inspiring vastness and beauty in works that portray individuals rather than being studies of a species.

Artistically, Lindsay's inspiration is varied, from the refined restraint of Japanese screen painting to the painterly works of John Singer Sargent.

Science and art. An irresistible combination.

Lindsay's many years of study of the scientific side of natural history provide a solid foundation on which to express her passion for the wonder of the natural world and her exceptional understanding of light allows her to harmonize color and draw composition together.

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Lindsay's art is available in fine art galleries in North America, with pieces occasionally available direct.


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